I refuse to be a casual observer anymore. When someone says something racist/sexist/homophobic/ableist/transphobic, it is my duty to speak up. It is your duty to speak up. It is our shared responsibility to be an ally to the disadvantaged and underrepresented.
Saying nothing changes nothing. Doing nothing changes nothing. If we want a better world for ourselves or our progeny, we MUST be proactive. We must shine a light on all the nitty-gritty nasty comments and make it clear that this will not be tolerated any longer.

Feel free to ask questions. For the time being anyway, this is a 101 space.

Commenting rules:
Please remain respectful when commenting, and please try to keep your certain privilege in mind. Just because something seems simple or easily attainable to you does not mean that others have the same access to resources that you do. Not everyone loves the same, thinks the same, or acts the same. This is a good thing. The world would be mighty boring if it did. With that said, Happy Commenting!


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